POLYTECH® CP (Carbone Pharma)

White PFA, ultra smooth and non-adherent, textile ply and galvanized steel wires embedded in the wall. Blue/black marbled finish and antistatic.

Product highlights

  • Robust hose for the transfer of food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals products using bipolar solvents in explosive area

Technical features

  • Available from ND 13 to 100mm (0.51 to 4 inches)
  • Working pressure 10 bar (145 PSI)
  • Working temperature range from -30 to +130°C * (-22 to +266°F)
  • Standard manufacturing length 20m (66 feet)

Assembling possibilities
The 316L stainless steel swaged fittings are monoblocs (without welding) in accordance with the NRS® design (Non Retention System). All kinds of fittings available on request (SMS, DIN, CLAMP, RJT, ISS, FIL, GAS, NPT, JIC, FLANGES, etc.).


Standards and certifications

Atex validated by INERIS in accordance with the certification N° 21795.2X/09 (Assembly by GECITECH).