Non Retention System. Can be assembled on all Gecitech hoses range. Avoid diameters differences between nipple and the pipe to ensure a continuous flow of the product conveyed.

Product highlights

  • Brings a better non-retention safety avoiding bacteria entrapment areas
  • Can be cleaned in place (CIP) without disassembling
  • Inside roughness <0,8µ, can be improved on request by grinding or electro polishing
  • In order to identify the conveyed product, a colour identification can be added outside of the hose

Technical features

  • Bend connections 90° or 45°, as well as the special assemblies are manufactured with orbital type welding. All the straight connections are one part, without welding.
  • The inside surface quality of the connections is smooth (roughness <0,8µ). After swaging, the outside of the ferrule is polished.
  • Each flexible hose is tagged with a manufacturing batch number to allow the traceability and the quality monitoring of the flexible.
  • The NRS® range can be assembled with all kinds of fittings (SMS, CLAMP, DIN, RJT, ISS, GAS, etc).