Trace@bility by GECITECH

Monitoring of your equipment and maintenance assistance tool

Products highlights

  • Adapted to any type of equipment (GECITECH hoses but also pumps, valves, tanks,...)
  • Quick implementation, no disruption of the existing organization
  • Simple use, accessible to all
  • Configurable for a personalized solution
  • Scalable, according to needs

Identification by RFID chips, Data Matrix or QR Code labels

Registration of technical data regarding the equipement on the item sheet

Maintenance operations scheduling with deadline alert system

Traceability of operations by date and by operators

Turnkey solution:

  • Supply of the software Trace@bility by GECITECH
  • Supply of the computer equipment: chips, PDA, dedicated computer
  • Setup and implementation
  • User training
  • Technical assistance
  • Update management

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