Virgin or antistatic PTFE inner tube, stainless steel braid reinforcement, white silicone covering

Products highlights:

  • Great flexibility
  • Ideal for transferring food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products
  • Food quality inner tube
  • No retention, easy cleaning
  • High resistance against stress corrosion
  • Perfect for fittings on the bridging boards
  • Available in antistatic version with a carbon-filled PTFE inner tube: SILFLON SCA®

Tecnical features:

  • Available from ND 13 to ND 51
  • Working pressure from 30 to 60 bar -  from 420 to 870 psi
  • Temperature range from 60°C to +260°C - from -76°F to +500°F
  • Manufacturing standard length : 22 m 

Assembling possibilities
The 316L stainless steel swaged fittings are mono-blocks (without welding) in accordance with the NRS® design (Non Retention System). All kinds of fittings available on request (SMS, DIN, CLAMP, RJT, ISS, FIL, GAS, NPT, JIC, FLANGES, etc).

Standards and certifications:

FDA, USP class VI, Anti-static (AS), EN:16643, phtalate free.