The coupling breaks away under strong traction to protect equipment and facilities from pull-away accidents.

Product highlights:

  • Non pull-away system, ideal to protect the unloading docks
  • Easy to implement
  • Effective up to 45° traction angle (for other configurations, contact us)
  • Quickly restored in case of  break-away by replacing the 3 screw

Technical features:

  • Body: 316L (1.4404) stainless steel
  • Protection: EPDM damper stop
  • Input and output: Any type of coupling (weld nipple, SMS male or female, DIN male or female, CAME coupling, Half-symmetrical, etc.)
  • Product contact: Rugosity < 0.8 μm*
  • Nominal diam.: 51 mm*
  • Working pressure: 6 bars*
  • Separation pressure: 18 bars*
  • Breaking threshold under traction: < 400 kg*
  • Certificates: CCPU 3.1 and rugosity upon request

*For other values, contact us.