Fully extruded silicone, textile braid reinforcement, platinum cured.

Product highlights

  • Very flexible hose for the transfer of food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology products, even at high temperature.
  • Autoclavable hose.


Technical features

  • Available from ND 3 to 32 mm (0.12 to 1.26 inches).
  • Working pressure from 4 to 15 bar (58 to 218 PSI).
  • Working temperature range from -60°C to +180°C (-76°F to 356°F).
  • Standard length 25m (82 feet), 10m (33 feet) from ND 25 (1 inch).
  • Other lengths available on request.
  • No vacuum capability.

Assembling possibilities

The 316L stainless steel swaged fittings are monoblocs (no welds) in accordance with the NRS® design (Non Retention System).  The hose can be also supplied with reusable VNRS ® fittings (from DN6).  Many styles of fittings are also available upon request (SMS, DIN, CLAMP, RJT, ISS, FIL, GAS, NPT, JIC, FLANGES, etc.).

Standards and certifications